Officer Descriptions


High Alpha

No office provides a greater opportunity to impact the experience and development of the chapter brothers or the security and future of a Zeta than the High Alpha. The tenure in office can often be marked by numerous challenges and periods of frustration. However, it also promises the opportunity to experience remarkable success, fulfillment, and even joy, as well as the possibility for considerable personal growth.

Chapter brothers choose a High Alpha as their leader by expressing confidence in his integrity. It is important to remember that, in Lambda Chi Alpha, leadership is conceptualized as the outcome of applying our seven core values. The High Alpha utilizes the acronym LDRSHIP and reflects on the values that correspond to each of the letters. Loyalty to our fraternity, to the ideals of our initiation ritual, and to our brothers, will provide the defining structure for the decisions and rulings that a High Alpha will be required to make as president of his chapter. The consistent, and often repetitive, requirements of the High Alpha office bring into focus a sense of duty and the need to be a steward of our fraternity’s traditions and teachings as the High Alpha serves the brothers and Zeta. The High Alpha works through an understanding of servant leadership and leads through the exercise of courage and character. These are defining roles that lead to the realization of True Brotherhood. Respect, honor, and integrity are more than expectations; rather, they’re guidelines for the High Alpha’s behavior. Being a successful president begins with being an example and role model of all the ideals taught by our rituals.


High Beta

Chapters place confidence in a High Beta’s (internal vice president) ability to direct and inspire the brotherhood, which impacts every aspect of a chapter’s atmosphere and operations. Brothers look to the High Beta for opportunities to continue to grow in their relations to one another and in values-based teachings of Lambda Chi Alpha. A High Beta must remember that his responsibilities include not only developing programs to enhance the internal involvement of each brother but also being an example of the values and ideals that our brotherhood teaches. A High Beta’s example will provide the emotional energy for brothers to trust and to follow his efforts to bring them closer to our ideals and to each other.

As a High Beta facilitates the enhanced involvement of each brother, he must remember to encourage that involvement to extend beyond the chapter to a variety of campus organizations and activities. What Lambda Chi Alpha teaches and instills is important to share with the campus community. This will allow others to know about the remarkable impact that our ideals and values have and will also allow brothers to exercise these values in the larger world in preparation for their lives after graduation. Lambda Chi Alpha teaches concern for others, community involvement, and leadership. As a High Beta’s programming impacts a chapter’s progress in each of these arenas, he will be helping each brother to grow and to touch the lives of many others in the community. The ripples of a High Beta’s influence will bring impact and gratification that will continue to find productive expression many years after his term in office has ended. Contributions and investment in the chapter members will not only pay dividends for the chapter’s reputation and brothers’ development, but will also help the High Beta to grow as a True Brother and as a man.

At Miami, High Beta has the responsibility of overseeing multiple brotherhood retreats. These retreats are a time for only brothers and associates to get away from the responsibilities of school, fraternity, social pressures, and everyday life.


High Theta

The High Theta (external vice president) can make significant contributions to a chapter’s reputation on campus and to the way in which the community views Lambda Chi Alpha and fraternities in general. Lambda Chi Alpha’s brotherhood has a long tradition and a commitment to the idea that serving others is a significant expression of our ritual and our investment in altruistic activities. As our creed, seven core values, and True Brother Initiative teach, serving others not only brings a deep sense of gratification but also facilitates the growth of each brother who participates in these activities. The role in planning and directing the philanthropic projects of a chapter and in enhancing each brother’s commitment to volunteerism will prove to be one the most important elements of a chapter’s programming; these activities will not only shape a chapter’s immediate involvement in the community but will also nurture each brother’s investment in serving others for the rest of his life. A successful tenure as High Theta will not only help a chapter to be seen in the best possible reflection of Lambda Chi Alpha’s ideals but will also touch the lives of the many individuals who will be the recipients of the brothers’ and chapter’s care and concern. This impact will continue far beyond the limits of an individual’s term of office, bearing fruit for many people for many years ahead.


High Gamma

The High Gamma (secretary) is entrusted by the chapter to keep the records of its deliberations, decisions, and activities. In a very real way, records are the building blocks of a chapter’s history, recording and documenting for the future the important developments of the present. The High Gamma serves as the recorder of the chapter’s history, which will shape future generations of Lambda Chi Alpha brothers who view what is accomplished during each tenure in office. Careful and clear records, the prompt filing of necessary reports, and the maintenance of a chapter’s archival materials ensure that the future will accurately remember each High Gamma’s legacy and that a chapter will be able to operate with efficiency and high standards of compliance with Lambda Chi Alpha’s rules, policies, and regulations. While often tedious, this role makes possible a history of accomplishment that will be forever remembered with accuracy and authenticity.


High Epsilon

The High Epsilon (social chairman) is entrusted by the chapter brothers to plan a range of activities designed to create an atmosphere of fun and play while enhancing a chapter’s reputation and supporting the cultural development of each individual in the chapter. As the High Epsilon anticipates and plans the social activities for his tenure, it is important to remember that he has the responsibility to develop these in a way that demonstrates the application of Lambda Chi Alpha’s seven core values. In particular, responsibility, honor, and integrity must be the guiding principles for his planning and implementation of every party, outing, and social activity. When a good time also creates a sense of closeness among the brothers and an opportunity to show our guests the essence of true brotherhood, then that activity is of maximal success. The High Epsilon works closely with other officers to integrate recruitment, philanthropy, and brotherhood events with the chapter’s social calendar so that each event can bring the most positive outcome possible. High Epsilon sets the example for the chapter as a thoughtful gentleman and embodies the highest standards of hospitality and concern for others, setting the tone for the brothers and the activities that are planned.


High Kappa

The High Kappa (fraternity educator) is perhaps in the best position in the chapter to influence the overall direction and spirit of the organization. An office with a tremendously responsible role, the High Kappa is in charge of teaching and sharing with our new members our organization’s values. Any long-time High Pi can tell a High Kappa that it only takes one or two years of poor fraternity education to set a chapter on a downward spiral. A High Kappa has an opportunity to reach out to each of our new and existing members and make sure that they gain the knowledge and experience needed to be a productive brother. A High Kappa’s positive efforts here might not show any immediate results, but he can rest assured that, by conducting a well thought-out new-member education program, he will leave a positive influence on his chapter for years to come. Each new member that a High Kappa successfully shares our ideals with in a demanding, but not ever demeaning, manner creates a brother we can all be proud of and one who will, in turn, positively influence others as well. The fraternity thanks every High Kappa for taking on this important task for his chapter and all of Lambda Chi Alpha.


High Tau

The High Tau (treasurer) has the chapter’s financial security firmly in his hands. The chapter brothers have expressed confidence in his ability to manage the chapter’s resources in a thoughtful and prudent fashion. While the day-to-day activities associated with this office (fiduciary responsibilities) might, at times, seem repetitive and unimportant, the High Tau should be ever mindful that his stewardship will greatly impact the stability of the chapter’s future. In some sense, the integrity that is brought to the management of a chapter’s resources will help to create an atmosphere of comfort, sufficiency, and possibility for the chapter brothers. The High Tau should remember Lambda Chi Alpha’s seven core values as he exercises the responsibilities of this office. True leadership derives from applying these values in the service of our brotherhood. As the High Tau endeavors to lead and serve from this perspective, he will most certainly provide an example to his brothers in a way that will enrich his chapter far beyond the financial resources that he manages. The brothers will look to the High Tau for leadership and trust to the degree to which his example is consistent with the teachings of our ritual. As the High Tau accumulates, protects, preserves, and nurtures the financial resources under his stewardship with integrity and courage to follow our ideals, he will simultaneously be nurturing our brotherhood for the chapter and the many men who will follow him.


High Rho

The High Rho (alumni chairman) is the chapter’s most immediate link to the many alumni brothers who have passed previously through a chapter. It is the High Rho’s responsibility to ensure that each of the undergraduate brothers realizes that Lambda Chi Alpha is a lifetime commitment and to prepare them to become lifetime brothers. To this end, the High Rho’s regular contact with alumni brothers will provide opportunities for communication and enrichment and will allow these alumni to serve as role models for how Lambda Chi Alpha can become an important and continuing part of life after graduation. The High Rho is encouraged to develop programs that will promote the positive involvement of alumni and undergraduate brothers together in a range of activities. The High Rho must remember that alumni bring much more than financial resources to their interactions with the active chapter. Their wisdom, experience, and range of vocational involvements offer remarkable opportunities to enhance a chapter and the possibilities available to the undergraduate brothers. By connecting the undergraduate chapter with concerned alumni, the High Rho is building bridges of brotherhood that will last far beyond his time in office.


High Delta

The High Delta (recruitment chairman) is perhaps the best position to affect change within the chapter. The True Brotherhood Initiative’s greatest focus is on the area of recruitment. We always strive to bring in to touch with the fraternity those individuals whose personalities, ideals, and attainments are such as would make them great brothers of the bond. Collaborating with other officers on the High Zeta, we always recruit with the values of Lambda Chi Alpha and of the True Brother Initiative, being ever aware of opportunities to meet potential new members. Because High Delta and the brothers of our chapter keep an open mind, you will find that the phrase “friendship is the precursor to brotherhood” is never more true.


High Phi

Description omitted.


High Sigma

Everyone in a chapter came to school to learn, to grow, and to prepare for pursuing goals and ambitions for the rest of their lives. Sometimes brothers forget that academics are the most important priority in their undergraduate careers. The High Sigma’s role is to keep the importance of this priority firmly and consistently enacted in the chapter and its programming. The High Sigma’s success not only enhances a chapter’s reputation for scholarship, but helps to ensure the future accomplishments of each brother. By supporting academic programming and by developing opportunities for brothers who are struggling with their grades, the High Sigma makes an important and lasting contribution to the growth of Lambda Chi Alpha and our brotherhood. The High Sigma’s example as a serious scholar who pursues the academic goals clearly emphasized by our ritual and our seven core values is a fundamental determinant of his ability to succeed in this position. He utilizes the idea that knowledge is power, freedom, and light. The High Sigma is the champion of these core components of what Lambda Chi Alpha presents to each brother and to the world.


High Iota

Few positions require more thoughtful planning, leadership skill, or personal courage as the High Iota. The High Iota has been given the responsibility to guard the integrity and safety of his chapter and brothers in all of the activities that his fellow officers will plan. A High Iota’s ability to enact this responsibility with consistency and integrity defines his role as a faithful steward on whom the chapter’s reputation and security depend. His position does not just consist of completing and filing paperwork (although this is extremely important) but also involves working closely in the planning and execution of each activity sponsored by his chapter. The High Iota is expected to enforce standards and rules, to which some of his brothers will object. His ability to hold true to the ideals of our fraternity shape his success and the future stability of his chapter. Lambda Chi Alpha is counting on the High Iota to fulfill this very important position with integrity and maturity. In doing so, he will set an example that will not only protect his chapter’s reputation and the viability of its future but will also point the way for all of the brothers who seek to live what our initiation ritual teaches.


High Pi

The High Pi is the chancellor and official alumni adviser of the chapter. Appointed by the Grand High Pi, he serves as the chief judicial officer of the chapter.

Standards Chair

The Standards Chair is a position that meets with all the officers, and reviews how they are doing in their job.

Public Relations Chair

The Public Relations Chair is responsible for internal and external communications from the chapter.