History of Lambda Chi Alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha is an international social collegiate fraternity founded in 1909 at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. The largest member of the North-American Interfraternity Conference, Lambda Chi Alpha has initiated over 275,000 members and currently has nearly 200 active chapters and colonies across North America.

Lambda Chi Alpha crest

About Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity

Lambda Chi Alpha was the first fraternity to abolish pledging, and with it hazing. It seeks to promote the development of collegiate men and “True Brothers,” through its process of member education and support. The fraternity strives to provide opportunities for academic achievement, leadership, community service and engagement, and true friendship. The fraternity’s open mottos are Vir Quisque Vir (Latin for ‘Every Man a Man’), Per Crucem Crescens (Latin for ‘Crescent through the Cross’), and Χαλεπα Τα Καλα  (Greek for ‘Naught Without Labor’).

History of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

Warren A. Cole

As a college student at Boston University, Warren A. Cole (Boston 1912) founded Lambda Chi Alpha on November 2, 1909, with the expressed objective purpose of bringing about the association of college students of good moral character in the various collegiate institutions within the United States and Canada; to foster a high moral and spiritual standard of life based on Christian ideals; to promote honorable friendship; to cultivate intellectual excellence; to secure for members the greatest advantages in college life; to establish brotherly love, mutual aid, close personal connection between alumni, undergraduates and colleges; and to bind them together for mutual pleasure and interest in college, as well as after life by testing each with courage, self-control, obedience, democracy, and courtesy toward all with whom they may come in contact.

Lambda Chi Alpha serves as a co-curricular experience to complement higher education by providing young men with opportunities for academic achievement, leadership development, and lifelong friendships.

History of Zeta-Upsilon Zeta at Miami University

The history of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity at Miami University can be traced back to 1940 when Alfred H. Upham called for the establishment of a new fraternity on campus. President Upham and Dr. Arthur T. Evans, head of the Botany Department, initiated a chain of events that led to the founding of the Adanerion Club, then Alpha Gamma Pi local fraternity, and finally an official chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity in 1950.

The Osborn House at 19 Walnut Street in Oxford was the first home of the Adanerion Club. Today the property houses the offices of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

Adanerions: 1952 Pledge Class

Due to the effects of World War II, the Adanerion Club was disbanded from 1944 to 1946. At that time a group of Adanerions composed of returning veterans and new pledges resumed operations in rented rooms at 13½ West High Street.

304 N. Bishop in the 1940s

In 1948 the Adanerion Club adopted the Greek letter designation of Alpha Gamma Pi and petitioned to become a chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Two years later, Zeta-Upsilon Chapter was installed at the Phi Delta Theta Headquarters building as the 148th chapter of the fraternity. Almost immediately, the members of Zeta-Upsilon moved into a house at 304 Bishop Street. The chapter would maintain a house on Bishop Street for the next 58 years.

Since 1940, our organization has received recognition for its athletic, scholastic, philanthropic, and leadership accomplishments. Zeta-Upsilon has fielded teams that became baseball, broomball, basketball, flag football, swimming, bowling, and soccer intramural or Greek-league champions. Our chapter has also won the Greek Week Championship Award on two occasions. Individual members of Zeta-Upsilon have won varsity letters in football, boxing, tennis, golf, track and field, and swimming. One alumnus is a member of the “Cradle of Coaches” Hall of Fame.

Zeta-Upsilon has been recognized for its scholastic abilities with multiple top-three performances in campus GPA for the entire group. It has also received scholastic recognition in the form of a Phi Beta Kappa Award, Greek Week College Bowl Championships, and the Sigma Chi Scholastic Achievement Award. Many individual members have belonged to academic honor societies such as Phi Beta Kappa.

Zeta-Upsilon takes pride in its long history of service projects and philanthropic activities. It is an original participant in the North American Food Drive (NAFD), the largest Greek philanthropic project in existence, raising as much as 10,000 lbs of food for the Oxford Food Pantry in 2008 alone. But wait ... in 2009, Z-U Zeta collected the equivalent of 219,918 pounds of food, the highest total of any Lambda Chi chapter in the country! Lambda Chis can be found leading or supporting numerous campus service projects every year.

award ceremony

Zeta-Upsilon has been recognized for its high standard of group and individual leadership over the years. It has received the Grand High Alpha Award as one of Lambda Chi’s top-ten chapters in over-all excellence of its operations three times in our history. Zeta-Upsilon has received awards from the Greek Affairs Office for improvement in chapter standards and new member education. One of our members received the Duke Flad Award recognizing him as the top undergraduate member of the fraternity.

In 2009, a member of Zeta-Upsilon, Sam Brown, was elected president of the Interfraternity Council (IFC). Six of our alumni have been recognized with membership in the Order of Merit (Chester M Stephenson, David Alden, George McFerron, Michael J. Raymond, Allen E. Segrist, and John W. Bloom). The Order of Merit is the highest recognition given for by our fraternity for service at the local level. Less than 325 men have received this recognition in the 100 year history of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Our Chapter has also provided leadership to many scholastic, honorary, and professional organizations over the years.

Recently, the 2009 High Alpha of Zeta-Upsilon, Jonas Dominique, was appointed to the Student Advisory Committee, the second highest honor available to undergraduates on the international level of the fraternity, serving at the capacity of an international representative for the conclave to which his region is affiliated. Brother Jonas also became the first initiate of our chapter to serve on the Grand High Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity. Perhaps starting a new tradition, Jonas was succeeded by Brother Michael J. Raymond, who was then elected to the Grand High Zeta and served as Grand High Phi from 2010–2012.

Today, Zeta-Upsilon Zeta is carrying on our tradition of excellence that was established in 1940 with the founding of the Adanerion Club. Looking to the past accomplishments of Zeta-Upsilon inspires our members to continue to contribute their abilities and skills to our fraternity, campus, and community.