Associate vs. Pledge

No Pledges: Don't Pledge Us, Join Us

Lambda Chi Alpha was the first fraternity to abolish pledges when associate membership replaced pledging in 1972. Since that time, associate members have had full and equal rights in the chapter, including voting privileges and the ability to hold office, attend all meetings and functions, and wear the letters and regalia of the fraternity. The fraternity replaced pledge education with fraternity education, which dictates ongoing education for all members throughout their university years. New members are integrated immediately into the chapter. A big brother is assigned to each new member, and he teaches the essentials of chapter operations to the new member. 

Associate vs. Pledge: a comparison


  • Associates have a vote upon signing of their bid card.
  • Associates meet with the active chapter.
  • Associates and actives work together on any task.
  • Associates can hold an office as an associate member.
  • Associates are never forced to take tests that a fully initiated brother would not or did not take or do any work against their will.
  • Associates are prohibited from any hazing by our national laws.


  • Pledges have no vote in chapter affairs until they are initiated as Actives.
  • Pledges meet separately from the active chapter.
  • Pledges do all manual labor, chores, yard work, and house cleaning.
  • Pledges cannot hold an office until initiated.
  • Pledges must take tests and perform tasks.
  • Pledges often undergo mental and/or physical hazing.