Z-U Z Honor Roll, Class of 2016

Russel “Russ” Starkey ZU 320
Miami ’64

USN, served on conventional and nuclear submarines
Vice President (operations), US Enrichment Corporation
Z-UZ Alumni Alumni Association and House Corporation (2005–)

James “Jim” Stratton, ZU 115
BA in architecture, Miami ’58

architect, Columbus State Community College
Consulting architect for original design of chapter house on 307 N. Bishop in 2003

Richard “Rich” Graeter, ZU 893
BA in accounting & finance, Miami ’86; JD, University of Cincinnati

President & CEO, Greaters Ice Cream Manufacturing
House Corporation Trasurer for 10 years

Richard “Dick” Segrist, ZU 152
BA ’55, Miami

Captain, 1955 Miami swim team
Swam for different events
Coached Fairview High School Swim Team to state championship, 1964

Louis “Lou” Kaczmarek, ZU 11
BA ’48, Miami

Teacher & coach, Franklin OH – played football for Miami in 1943 and 1948
His playing days interrupted by 30 months of military service in World War II
Inducted into Miami University’s Cradle of Coaches, 2001