Z-U Z Honor Roll, Class of 2011

Allen “Al” Sergist, ZU 138
Miami ’53; MEd, PhD, Ohio State University

Counselor Educator, Purdue University
Hi Pi, Purdue University for 15 years; Advisor of the year (1988)
Lambda Chi Alpha Order of Merit (Orlando 2006)

Michael “Mike” Thomas, ZU 934
Miami ’89 (triple major in Physics, Philosophy, and Political Science)

President, Mike Thomas and Associates, Cleveland (public relations consultants)
Lambda Chi Alpha’s Duke Flad Outstanding Undergraduates Award recipient
High Alpha (1988) and Student Body President

George McFerron, ZU 146
BA in Architecture ’55, Miami

Architect & President, Friedman, Keim &, McFerron Architecyts (Tucson, AZ)
Hi Pi, University of Arizona: 1981–1994
Lambda Chi Alpha Order of Mertit (1992)

William “Bill” McMillen, ZU 65
BA ’50, Miami

Life insurance sales, management & training
Z-UZ Alumni Association Board 2005–2013
President of house corporation when chapter house was constructed at 307 N. Bishop Street

Michael “ Mike” Daughters, ZU 580
BA in Speech Communications ’76

U.S. sales manager, Open Storage Solutions, Inianapolis
Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter Consultant ’76, director of special services ’77
Director of Alumni Affairs ’78