Photo Galleries: 1980s

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Points of Pride: 1980–1989

  • Z-U receives third LXA Grand High Alpha Award
  • Multiple Sclerosis Foundation award
  • Greek Week champs
  • Greek Songfest champs
  • Greek Week co-champions
  • Host Midwest Conclave
  • All-Sports trophy winner
  • Z-U rides game ball for Miami/Kent State football game from Kent to Oxford to help wipe out multiple sclerosis
  • Phi Mu banner contest winners
  • Liquid Hips wins Battle of the Bands
  • Z-U 6th in academic performance
  • Jim Demetrion ’52 receives Miami’s distinguished achievement award
  • Z-U 4th in academic performance
  • Chris Rotolo co-chairs Greek Week
  • LXA says “Hazing of associate members or initiates shall not be permitted at any time, whether on or off fraternity premises.”
  • Mike Thomas receives LXA’s Duke Flad Outstanding Undergraduate Award
  • LXA Info Technology Award
  • Soccer champs