Photo Galleries: 1970s

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Points of Pride: 1970–1979

  • Blaise Congeni wins LXA graduate scholarship
  • Sue LaCroix named LXA International Crescent Queen
  • Ritual team initiates U of Dayton chapter
  • Greek Week college bowl champs
  • Host of Midwest Conclave
  • Homecoming banner contest winner
  • Rick Nelson, IFC’s Outstanding Campus Greek
  • Ritual team initiates Ohio U chapter members
  • House GPA reaches 3.005
  • Hazing out, Associate Member Program in as national policy
  • Top fraternity in scholastic achievement (3.153 GPA)
  • Z-U receives first LXA Grand High Alpha Award for chapter excellence based on superior level of operations for at least three consecutive years
  • Z-U is top fraternity in scholastic achievement
  • 25th Anniversary of ZU celebrated
  • Dave Alden, House Corporation treasurer, second brother to receive LXA Order of Merit
  • Z-U receives second LXA Grand High Alpha Award for chapter excellence
  • Won Alpha Phi All Sportsmanship Trophy during Greek Week
  • Service projects included Bowl-a-thon, epilepsy research, cancer research, visits to children’s hospital
  • Dick Segrist’s swim-coach career recognized by State of Ohio